CPaaS is an Iceberg!

The telecommunications industry has almost completed the evolution from a physical analog/digital network of copper wires carrying voice traffic to a more virtualized network of wireless services, IP transport and multi-modal messaging. As the physical network continues to evolve, the next generation of telecommunications service delivery platforms are emerging. CPaaS or Communications Platform as a Service has been born and is growing rapidly.

As CPaaS itself evolves as a technology and a service offering, the initial mystery and confusion around what it means and what benefits it delivers has not diminished. To say that it is a disruptive technology is a huge understatement.

Network integration of the CPaaS model is of key concern to Carriers and other telecom Service providers. The key variable; “Is CPaaS an existential threat to my business, or is it the opportunity of a lifetime?” Unfortunately, the answer to both questions is “yes”. Many Service Providers are currently struggling with these and other questions unique to a market that before today did not have CPaaS functionality available.

Like most advanced network service offerings, CPaaS is now available in the cloud as a hosted application. However, knowing how to access and leverage the benefits of CPaaS is just the tip of the iceberg. Service Providers must evaluate the new services that CPaaS enables in much the same manner as other more mature technologies have in the past. Integration will need to take place with legacy network infrastructure and operating systems, billing, support, and marketing. Voice, Video and Messaging will all need to be delivered in a timely manner, with the quality of service traditional telecom users are familiar with today.

If this seems like a pretty daunting task, you are probably not alone. Luckily, the tools and services are becoming available to assist in these efforts.

Watch for our next blog post in the “CPaaS is an Iceberg” series. We will be analyzing the benefits of CPaaS for Service Providers. These over the top services create new high margin products that leverage existing products and services. CPaaS enables new revenue streams while enhancing legacy services and the customer experience.

Network Intelligence can help you make sense out of CPaaS. Network Intelligence provides analysis of Emerging technologies and their impact on Business Systems. Our Advice in Action approach allows you to acquire the information needed to determine if CPaaS is right for your application and how to go about implementing it.

Network Intelligence (NI) Strikes A Strategic Relationship With Telestax® To Become A Member Of The RestcommONE Marketplace™

Network Intelligence (NI) Strikes A Strategic Relationship With Telestax® To Become A Member Of The RestcommONE Marketplace™

Network Intelligence launches a new offering that includes Consulting and Service Provider Partner CPaaS implementation assistance, along with the ability to utilize NI’s Managed Service Network

Monterey, CA – April 3, 2018 Network Intelligence (NI) announces the formation of a strategic relationship with Telestax, the Restcomm™ company, to deploy a Communications Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) environment for use with Network Intelligence’s consulting and managed network services. Network Intelligence’s new offering, Sentient Cloud Services, includes consulting, network integration and expertly managed delivery of CPaaS services. Clients acquire access to brandable applications through the RestcommOne Marketplace and can access and utilize predefined application modules with the RestcommONE Visual Designer. NI’s tenured experience in the telecommunications industry gives clients a clear competitive edge in this rapidly expanding marketplace.

“Advice in Action is at the heart of every Network Intelligence solution. Our CPaaS consulting eliminates the confusion surrounding this technology today and our managed services will shorten the time required to bring a solution to market for our clients”, said Jamie Hash, COO of Network Intelligence.

“Telestax is pleased to have Network Intelligence bring their well-established consulting practice and complementary suite of managed network services to the RestcommONE Marketplace” Said Kevin Nethercott, VP Business Development, CPaaS Enablement. “I am looking forward to working together to bring forth the next generation of real-time cloud communications services.”

About Network Intelligence – Founded in 1985, NI has evolved from a telecommunications consultancy providing clients with information and advice into a Managed Services company providing fully customized and outsourced operating solutions for their telecommunications business models. Network Intelligence delivers real world networking solutions, as managed services, to businesses and service providers.

Network Intelligence-

About Telestax

Telestax is quickly becoming the catalyst for bringing real-time communications into the mainstream. Our RestcommONE platform is scalable, highly available and is the only WebRTC platform that supports cloud, on premise and hybrid deployment configurations. RestcommONE is fast becoming the platform of choice for rapidly building enterprise class real-time messaging, voice and video applications. RestcommONE Marketplace connects these new Omnichannel applications with RestcommOne CPaaS-enabled (Communications Platform as a Service) service providers and increases the revenue opportunity for both. The RestcommONE Marketplace is generating a positive disruption in the real-time communications market by changing the way organizations acquire and utilize their business software. Telestax is a privately held global company with headquarters in Austin, TX.

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